The Robys Tackle the Alps

Posted on June 24th, 2011. Eric Roby

“You are crazy!”  I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.  My friends can’t believe that my wife Audra and I took our kids to the Alps on vacation.  When I tell people of our adventure they first ask, “Who watched your boys while you were gone?”  Vejas just turned 4 and Kovas is almost 2, so  when I break the news that they came along, their questions change to just “WHY?”

I’m puzzled every time I’m questioned about our decision to show the boys the world. My parents would never think of leaving me and my sister home for a family vacation.  On the other hand, the most exotic vacation my parents ever took us on was to Virginia Beach, VA, and 18 hours of traveling by car and plane was not necessary.

The kids were awesome, but no matter how much we talked to them about jetlag they couldn’t understand why they wanted to be up at 3AM to eat and play.

Once in France the kids loved exploring their new environment.  From the funny shaped rooms in our chalet to the view of the mountains, the kids soaked it all in.  We even hiked on high altitude trails around Mont Blanc.  Kovas rode in a backpack, while Vejas jumped around like a mountain goat.  Every patch of snow the boys found turned into a snowball fight.

I won’t lie to you.  This trip was made harder because of the needs of the kids.  I’ve told my wife I do not want to go to a restaurant  for a long time. Service in France is slow and the kids would terrorize the entire restaurant by screaming and throwing things until the food arrived.

Looking at our pictures the tough moments are fading fast.   I’m glad we took the kids on our vacation to the Alps, even if most people think we are crazy for doing it.