Eric dreamt of becoming a news anchor in second grade.

Growing up in small town West Virginia, his father worked in dangerous coal mines while his mother worked several jobs to make ends meet. Opportunity wasn’t exactly knocking in his early years. Yet, Eric persevered to become the first in his family line to graduate from college. It’s rare that you see someone turn their childhood dream into reality, but against odds he did it. If you ever get the chance to meet Eric, you’ll see how his success rises from hard work, great ethics, creativity and a roaring sense of humor.

After 20 years of anchoring and reporting, assignments have taken Eric from Capitol Hill to London’s Parliament. Eric has reported from the front lines of Florida’s hurricanes and covered historic tragedies like the Space Shuttle Columbia from Texas. He also witnessed the historic last landing of the Space Shuttle program. He has sat face to face with three U.S. Presidents. Colleagues describe him as a compassionate journalist and a newsroom leader who doesn’t settle for second best.

His investigative reporting has not only won awards, it has brought about important changes in communities. Recently he uncovered national banks illegally foreclosing on homeowners. He also exposed a rash of inoperable fire hydrants in Palm Beach County and ex-convicts mistakenly hired by the school district working inside classrooms.

These days, Eric anchors the 5:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. weekday newscasts for CBS 12 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

While seeking a degree at American University in Washington, DC, Eric field produced on Capitol Hill. He spent half a year abroad studying in London and working as a production assistant for NBC London. Graduating with his Communications degree and two minors in Political Science and Literature, Eric cut his teeth as an Anchor/Reporter on the Eastern Shore of Maryland at WBOC.

Before heading to South Florida, Eric was an anchor and reporter at WQAD, the ABC affiliate in Moline, Illinois. There he was recognized for his in-depth reporting on the worst flooding ever recorded along the Mississippi and Rock Rivers in Iowa and Illinois.

Outside of the news biz, Eric had a seven year stint as a dog trainer. He spent summers in Vermont teaching dogs obedience and duck hunting. He may have taught those dogs how to behave, but they taught him the virtue of patience!

Eric is an adventurer. He loves to experience new cultures. With wife Audra at his side, he’s showing his 2 young boys, Vejas and Kovas, the world. By age four, his older son has seen the French Alps, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, England, Wales, several islands in the Caribbean and the list keeps growing. Eric loves the outdoors and enjoys skiing, gardening, pepperoni pizza and running an occasional marathon.