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Although I have spent the majority of my career anchoring TV news programs, my passion lies in strategic marketing and branding which are major elements of the broadcast industry and strong cornerstones of my work history. Repeatedly, I have established marketing strategies and spearheaded the development of successful programs to acquire certain demographics.

For me, success is all about researching and analyzing the market, driving a branding message, and inspiring and motivating those around me to do the same. My goal has always been to position each TV broadcast in such a way as to accelerate viewership and build market share.

Highlights of my career include:


  • Multiple times turned around under-performing newsrooms and attained #1 ratings from The Nielson Company.
  • Created content / programs which generated strong Internet ‘buzz’ and local/national media interest.
  • Spearheaded complex projects for news broadcasts, branding/rebranding, and public relations outreach.
  • Influenced audience perception of products (new newscasts or apps) leveraging both traditional and social media.
  • Won Emmy, Associated Press, and community awards for journalism, investigative reporting, and public service.

As a ‘hands-on’ leader, I thrive in challenging environments and am motivated by the ever-changing tempo of the marketplace. My colleagues including producers, direct reports, and senior leaders appreciate my perseverance,easy-going style, and quick sense of humor.

Outside of work, I’m  a proud father of two amazing boys. Vejas is 10 and Kovas is 8. They both play the cello and violin and have been learning their craft since they were 5 years old. I also enjoy Bikram Yoga, running marathons/ triathlons, traveling the world and gardening!

If you are interested in strategic,  creative, marketing and program development leadership, let’s talk! You can contact me by clicking on “contact” or by calling me at 561-602-1067.