Hope for the Future

I hear a lot of doom and gloom about the future when it comes to the next generation. As a news anchor I often report on why millennials will never be as accomplished as previous generations. Just today I read a report that most millennials do not know when their taxes are due!

I don’t buy all of this hype about how the younger generation will fall flat on their faces. Last night I had the privilege of giving a lecture at Florida Atlantic University’s Advance Campaigning class. I spoke about the media and politics. These students were not only interested and well informed, but they were also passionate. These were not kids that are ready to let life roll them over. These students are ready to take on the world and make improvements that other generations before them failed to accomplish. I’m sure they also won’t have any problems figuring out when their taxes are due!

4 Replies to “Hope for the Future”

  1. Eric , I pray you are right. I read a report today where 20% of millennials don’t when or what the Holocaust .
    BTW miss you on the 10pm News !

  2. I was just talking with my millennial friends about the backlash on their generation. There is a growing anger from their generation, and that they have reason to be angry. The Baby Boomer generation is handing them a planet that is “bleeding”, am American President that is tone def to say the least, and an economy, that if history repeats itself, means another Great Depression. So to be modern, I agree, WTF. These young people are embracing Tesla, 1 child… maybe, saving money, and deciding that their future does not need to walk hand in hand with expectations.

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