To Work Early Mornings You Need Really GOOD Coffee

Do not settle for bad coffee if you get out of bed at 2:30AM! That’s my simple rule to survive the crazy schedule of a morning news anchor.

The owners of Oceana Coffee of Tequesta stopped by our studios today to show us the difference between generic coffee, and coffee made with love and premium ingredients. They showed me that some of the more famous and cheaper options use coffee bean scraps, while Oceana only uses the best of the best beans.

After a quick taste test, I can attest to the fact that there really is a huge difference. The Oceana Coffee was so smooth and delicious that I would gladly drink their brew black. I need a little cream with all other coffees that I drink. My take away: If I’m getting up dark and early, I deserve great tasting coffee!!! But, let’s be totally honest.  I will still drink whatever is in front of me at 2:30AM!!!

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