The Vegan Burger that Bleeds

It’s called the Impossible Burger because it does the impossible. It is a plant based burger that bleeds and sizzles in the frying pan! The secret to the “blood” is a protein extract from soy bean plants. It acts like hemoglobin in meat burgers. Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar in Delray Beach is one of he few places to offer this vegan burger. The cost is about $16.

The owner, Dave Magrogan is a vegan and he asked his chef to add the burger to the popular restaurant’s menu. While I interviewed him on CBS12 News at 9, I tried the bleeding burger. While it does taste better than other veggie burgers I’ve had, It still does not taste as good as the real deal. However, if you are on a restricted diet the Incredible Burger really is incredible.

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