The Parrot Always Steals the Show

You know the saying: “Never work with animals or children.” At least that was the quote from the old Hollywood actor H.W. Fields. I believe his saying still holds true today because both animals and kids tend to steal the spotlight on TV!

For World Parrot Day, Lion Country Safari brought Julio the parrot to CBS12 News at 9. We talked about parrot conservation and why these birds need to be saved in the wild. One of the biggest threats to these intelligent animals is the pet trade. It turns out these long living birds might not be the best pet after all. To be plain spoken- they are a handful and live to the age of about 40. These birds are basically as intelligent as a 2 year old human and they need just as much attention and mental stimulation! Without it these birds can be difficult.

During the commercial breaks, Julio kept saying his name in a high pitched sound. Somehow he knew when we were on the air and kept quiet. The best part? I got to dance with Julio! Unfortunately he’s a better dancer.  I now totally agree with H.W. Fields!

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