Celebrate National Avocado Day

Today we celebrated National Avocado Day on CBS12 News at 9am by going directly to the experts: Avocado Grill! Chef Brad Phillips showed us new ways to use the increasingly popular fruit. He made a rock shrimp with avocado and even an avocado margarita! Avocado Grill first became popular several years ago in downtown West Palm Beach, but the owners recently opened their second location in Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens. For the summer they are offering a $5 menu on Tuesdays and bottomless Sunday brunch at the Gardens location. So celebrate and try an avocado today in a new and unique way.

National Avocado Day

We celebrated #NationalAvocadoDay by having Avocado Grill come onto CBS 12 News at 9AM. I learned how to use avocados when making rock shrimp and margaritas. Teri Hornstein learned how to use a whisk!!

Posted by Eric Roby on Tuesday, July 31, 2018


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