The High Cost of Living in Paradise

An interesting mix of stories that I produced for the Roby Files this morning. I showed proof that there is truly a high cost to living in paradise. West Palm Beach south to Miami is now considered the 2nd highest cost area to live in comparison t

o income and rents or mortgages. 45% of us spend 30% or more on just putting a roof over our heads. That’s a higher percentage than New York or San Francisco. Our area was near the top of the list because of our high property values but low paying jobs. The only area that is worst off is Los Angeles!

The other two stories

¬†were more fun. I featured a Miami man that decided to use his $1.5 million sports car as a wall inside his condo because he didn’t like the open concept plan. The owner wants to be anonymous. He had to hire a crane to install the world’s most expensive condo wall!

The last story is a little more affordable. The new Samsung TVs now come with ambient mode. It allows the tv screen to mimic the color and texture of the wall it’s hanging on. That makes it look like it disappears. I guess now you can lose your remote and your tv!

High Cost of Living in Paradise

Today in the Roby Files: the high cost of living in paradise, the most extra wall ornament ever and a dissapearing TV! CBS 12 News Teri Hornstein

Posted by Eric Roby on Thursday, August 2, 2018

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