In-Depth Success Story #1

In-depth Success  Story

Position: Main Anchor CBS12 News at 9

Situation: Falling ratings and the high cost of first run syndication programming negatively impacted revenue for CBS12.

Hindrance: Negotiations to lower syndication fees for the weekday 9AM-10AM hour failed, while key demographics of the audience continued to decrease.

Actions: Implemented a new hour long 9AM newscast at current workforce investment levels while cutting 100% of expenditures on first run syndication costs. At the some time we crafted a strong social media marketing plan with a hyper focus on key demographics of women 24-54 years old.

Results: The results were dramatic with revenue and rating targets surpassed within the first 2 years of the innovative broadcast. The newscast is now number 1 in demographics for the time period with a 43% audience growth rate year to year and leading the competition by 30%. Our strong focus on social media market also increased CBS12’s facebook reach by 24% and grew my personal public figure page by 92%.

Evaluations: My strong leadership skills allowed the new 9AM team to congeal quickly and attack far reaching goals despite the lack of extra manpower to help. Along with creative content and marketing strategies, CBS12 News at 9 not only became a revenue generating powerhouse for CBS12, but also an example for other news stations nationwide.