In-Depth Success Story #2

In-Depth Success Story

Position: Weekday Main Morning and Main Noon Anchor

Situation: Falling ratings for CBS12 News This Morning significantly impacted the station’s ability to meet revenue goals since the 2 1/2 hour long broadcast provides the largest ad inventory.

Hindrance: CBS12 was at a great disadvantage of a quick turn-around due to the historical dominance of the competition, well known and liked talent at the other news station and their higher production budget.

Actions: I was tapped to lead the transformation of CBS12 News This Morning with a new marketing plan that included significant format changes, new marketing slogans and increased staffing. In addition we employed an aggressive online campaign to attract desired key demographics.

Results: The turn around was quicker than expected and garnered national attention as Sinclair Broadcasting Group used our
gains as an example during an earnings conference call with the financial media. Currently we are number one in key demographics with a 100% year to year increase in specific day-parts. Increases in ad revenue contributed to S.B.G.’s net income of $576 million in 2017: an 87% increase since the retooling of CBS12 News this Morning.

Evaluations: My strong leadership skills and marketing vision helped our team execute our strategy of attracting key demographics desired by advertisers. However, my trustworthy reputation in the designated market area , neutralized the advantage of our competitor’s news talent and allowed us to surpass revenue and ratings expectations.