In-Depth Success Story #3

In-Depth Success Story

Situation: A once dominate newscast for CBS12, ratings started a steep decline for CBS12 News at Noon.

Hindrance: The ratings free fall because a serious revenue drain since it impacted the ratings and ad rates for other afternoon syndicated programming and newscasts.

Actions: News talent was replaced and I used market research from Audience Research and Development to come up with a specific content driven plan for the noon newscast that catered to the noon’s unique audience that skews older than other broadcasts.

Results: The results were seen overnight as ratings increased by more than 50% in one month. Currently, CBS12 News at Noon is back on top with key demographics and has a 27% lead over the closest competition.

Evaluations: My zest for market research and creative solution led to a winning plan that was not only well received by older audience members but also gained the attention of key demographics which helped set higher ad revenue for not only CBS 12 News at Noon, but other programs that follow in the weekday lineup.