In-Depth Success Story #5

In-Depth Success Story

Position: Main Anchor Fox29 Ten O’Clock News

Situation: The Fox29 Ten O’Clock News was unable to attract or flow viewers from FOX’s highly rated lead-in programming into the nightly newscast which directly lowered ad revenue.

Hindrance: The marketing plan for the Ten O’Clock News was one dimensional and only focused on the convenience and early timing of the newscast, but failed to tap into the changing demographic and younger audience that FOX network was providing.

Actions: Once I was named news anchor to the newscast, I took the nontraditional route of also taking on the responsibilities of an executive producer. This allowed me to better control content decisions, story placement, marketing ideas and nightly promos that were specifically designed to manage the flow of viewers seamlessly from FOX prime-time programming into the Ten O’Clock News.

Results: Within 2 years we made market history by turning the Ten O’Clock News into the #1 rated late night newscast. As a testament to our marketing plan, ratings plummeted after another tv station took over the production of all FOX29 news products after my company’s bankruptcy. Ratings have never recovered and are still 50% lower today.

Evaluations: My ability to clearly identify the marketing problem and execute a ratings plan allowed our team to take advantage of a strong FOX prime-time lineup which translated into historic ratings and revenue for FOX29.