In-Depth Success Story #6

In-Depth Success Story

Position: Weekend Evening Anchor

Situation: South Florida is frequently in the bullseye of catastrophic weather with tornadoes, coastal flooding, tropical storms and of course hurricanes.

Hindrance: Crisis conditions create a dangerous situation for journalists as they attempt to overcome the elements and provide what many times becomes life saving information for the public.

Actions: I have endured countless storms both out in the elements and inside the studio behind the anchor desk as a service to viewers and with the goal of keeping the public out of harms way. During these emergencies I am live on the air without a break for 12+ hours for several days in a row, since continuous news coverage lasts until the threat passes.

Results: During one historic hurricane season we broadcasted non-stop for 136 1/2 hours and was honored by the National Association of Broadcasters with the Service to America Friend in Need Award. The results of my calming and trustworthy delivery has also earned me respect across the designated market area which is proven by recent audience research that shows I have 70 percent name recognizability in South Florida and that I’m well liked and trusted by all viewers.

Evaluations: By being there during our community’s greatest time of need, I have created a special trust and bond with viewers. This is a recognition and trust that can only be obtained by years of dedication and hard work, which I take most seriously.