Success Stories

25 Career Successes

1. Achievement: Created new one hour newscast to increase revenue while decreasing first run syndication costs. Consistently surpassed viewership goals and grew key demographic audience to be #1 with 43% year to year growth and 30% lead over competition. Click for in-depth success story!

2. Achievement: Producer of new and unique content for 9AM newscast that includes interview segments and popular daily segments such as the “Roby Files”. These segments are marketed to navigate the viewer and reduce viewer drop off rates which has led to an increase of more than 60% in total viewers.

3. Achievement: Produce and host multiple weekly facebook live segments to grow the core CBS12 News at 9am audience. The results: a core group of viewers that found the broadcast through social media channels propelled the newscast to the #1 rating position in a competitive time slot.

4. Achievement: Emcee for multiple high profile charity events which includes Walk to End Alzheimer and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Promoted these events on social media, on air and in person with crowds that sometimes surpassed 20 thousand at highly publicized events.

5. Achievement: Successfully and consistently create social media content that creates a buzz through high engagement posts that include eye catching photos or attention grabbing videos. This strategy increased followers to my facebook public figure page by 92% in under a year, increased personal Twitter followers by 68%, and helped to increase CBS12 facebook followers by 24%

6. Achievement: CBS12 News this Morning rating successes have garnered national attention for Sinclair Broadcasting Group with most recently a 100% increase of key demographics year over year. Ratings increases contributed to S.B.G.’s net income of $576 million: an 87% increase since the retooling of CBS12 News this Morning. Click for in-depth success story!

7. Achievement: Relaunched CBS12 News This Morning with new marketing campaign “Weather and Traffic Together Every 10 Minutes”. Marketing campaign was so successful that audience research demonstrated within a few months the vast majority of the audience could identify the slogan.

8. Achievement: Spokesperson for Let’s Move: Commit to Change Physical Activity Challenge. Tapped by Palm Healthcare Foundation to be the main spokesperson for the inaugural event. Participation has increased a staggering 99% over five years.

9. Achievement: Respected, trusted and well-liked figure in South Florida. According to Audience Research and Development name recognition is more than 70%. Likability rating is extremely high among viewers of CBS12 and all other news stations in the market.

10. Achievement: Trail blazed “group live shots” for all of Sinclair Broadcast Group’s 173 stations across 89 news markets. First anchor/reporter to produce and perform these group live shots at major breaking news events which entailed 6 hours of continuous live reporting for multiple days in a row.

11. Achievement: Calming and trusted voice during public emergencies. Numerous times led CBS12’s storm coverage during such natural disaster events like Hurricane Irma. During storm coverage live on the air for 12 hours straight for multiple days to provide life saving and most up-to-date information to CBS12 viewers and more than a dozen radio partners’ listeners.

12. Achievement: Called upon and trusted by national and international news agencies during state-of-emergencies. Interviewed by CBS News, CNN and RTE Ireland’s national broadcaster during hurricane coverage.

13. Achievement: Implemented weekly segments that promoted the CBS12 news brand to a wider audience by focusing on international and national political topics. Interviewed top Washington and international politicians live from the Capitol or in the studio for “Connect to Congress” segment.

14. Achievement: Implemented marketing strategy that helped to make the West Palm Beach D.M.A. one of the highest rated markets for “Full Measure with Sheryl Atkinson.” Interviewed the national investigative show host from Washington DC to create on air, web and social media promotional content.

15. Achievement: Tapped to turn around struggling CBS12 News at Noon. Increased ratings by more than 50% in just a month by focusing on targeted content and audience research. Newscast continues to be #1 in key audience demos with a 27% lead over the nearest competition.  Click for in-depth success story!

16. Achievement: Successfully produce and host three daily radio news updates on Legends 100.3 WLML-FM that led to ratings increases for CBS12 News and Legends 100.3 while broadening the CBS12 audience base to a new demographic.

17. Achievement: Reduced CBS12’s operating costs while maintaining #1 ratings position or growing audiences while parent company went through bankruptcy. Due to severe cutbacks took over numerous behind the scenes key roles while performing other high profile duties.

18. Achievement: Tapped to take over the struggling CBS12 News at 7 which resulted in a 50% rating increase in a month and garnered the #1 rating in key demos.

19. Achievement: Created, produced and implemented a cutting edge strategy to turn CBS12 News at 7 into a dual screen experience which created explosive audience growth by 50% in a month. The marketing strategy encouraged the TV audience to engage with our social media channels while social media users were prompted to watch on TV. Click for in-depth success story!

20. Achievement: Acknowledged as the best and most trusted authority for severe weather team coverage. Won multiple Emmys for storm coverage ranging from tornadoes to tropical storms.

21. Achievement: Successfully launched “I-Team” as a marketing tool for targeted newscasts and audiences. Investigations not only allowed me to forge relationships with government officials and corporate leaders, but also helped to increase ratings by attracting key demographics. Several investigations were also acknowledged with Associated Press awards.

22. Achievement: Made market history by turning the FOX29 Ten O’Clock News into the #1 rated late night newscast for the first time. Ratings plummeted after leaving the newscast with ratings still 50% lower today. Click for in-depth success story!

23. Achievement: Produced and hosted public affairs programs such as FOX29’s “Eye on South Florida” and CW34’s “Our Issues” to promote local non-profits. These half hour public affairs shows provided much needed publicity for organizations that normally would not have the money or means to attain media coverage.

24. Achievement: Reported live in the elements during a historic hurricane season where South Florida endured two hurricanes in less than 2 weeks apart. The herculean effort to broadcast non-stop for 136 1/2 hours was honored by the National Association of Broadcasters with the Service to America Friend in Need Award. Click for in-depth success story!

25. Achievement: Effective newsroom manager that ensured more content could be covered for weekend newscasts, leading to higher ratings. Leadership, smart decision making and ability to work under pressure allowed me to excel while managing a newsroom and anchoring four hours of newscasts each weekend.

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