Eric Roby Creates New TV show after Leaving the CBS12 Anchor Desk

It didn’t take long for Eric Roby to start popping up on TV and computer screens after leaving CBS12 as a main news anchor for nearly two decades. Roby has just launched South Florida’s premier real estate and lifestyle TV show called Live Happy Here with Eric Roby. You can check out the link above to see what the show will look like as it focuses on different South Florida neighborhoods. Currently, the goal is to fully launch the weekly show by the end of the year on a local network.

“I’m so excited to bring two of my passions together. After leaving news I became a realtor with Illustrated Properties. Now with Live Happy Here, I can combine both worlds: TV and real estate. It only makes sense!” Roby said. “The Palm Beaches deserves a show like this. We have a lot to be proud of and I’ll highlight why anyone could live happy here.”

Eric Roby has created and built the production from the ground-up. In addition to filling the familiar shoes of Executive Producer and TV Host, he’s also the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. Roby said, “This is a logical progression in my career and it gives me a chance to flex my marketing strategies that I’ve developed while producing 25 years of TV news.”

Currently, Roby is searching for the right sponsors to help launch the show that promises to modernize how the real estate industry targets key audiences. “In addition to the TV broadcast, sponsors will also enjoy our online marketing strategies. For the cost of one sponsorship, clients will get the most cost-effective exposure to key demographics on both TV and the internet,” Roby explained.

“My goal is to make this fun TV to watch. It has an HGTV feel to it. It’s far from the bad news I used to have to report on every day. I love that and I hope the viewers will too, exclaimed Roby!

Celebrate National Avocado Day

Today we celebrated National Avocado Day on CBS12 News at 9am by going directly to the experts: Avocado Grill! Chef Brad Phillips showed us new ways to use the increasingly popular fruit. He made a rock shrimp with avocado and even an avocado margarita! Avocado Grill first became popular several years ago in downtown West Palm Beach, but the owners recently opened their second location in Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens. For the summer they are offering a $5 menu on Tuesdays and bottomless Sunday brunch at the Gardens location. So celebrate and try an avocado today in a new and unique way.

National Avocado Day

We celebrated #NationalAvocadoDay by having Avocado Grill come onto CBS 12 News at 9AM. I learned how to use avocados when making rock shrimp and margaritas. Teri Hornstein learned how to use a whisk!!

Posted by Eric Roby on Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The Difference Between a Good or Bad Kitchen Appliance are the Gimmicks

Picking your next big kitchen appliance should come down to the small details. Consumer Reports says the gimmicks are what can make or break a bad refrigerator, stove top or dishwasher. For a fridge a good crisper is key.  For a stove electric can be just as good as natural gas. To save money, forget about installed wall units and pick out a range instead. According to Consumer Reports the most important option on a dishwasher is a soil sensor. This means you don’t have to wash your dishes before your dishwasher does it for you!

One last piece of advice: makes sure your appliance is the right size before it is delivered. It’s good idea to make sure it not only fits in the slot in the kitchen, but also the front door of your home.



The Appliance Gimmicks that Are Really Worth the Money

Picking your next big kitchen appliance should come down to the small details. Consumer Reports says the gimmicks are what can make or break a bad refridgerator, stovetop or dishwasher. Consumer Reports for a fridge a good crisper is key. What are your favorite gadgets on your big appliances that you can't live without?

Posted by Eric Roby on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Are You Ready for National Ice Cream Day?

National Ice Cream Day is Sunday, July 15th and local ice cream maker Sloan’s Ice Cream is celebrating in style. The ice cream brand recently started to sell franchises. Sloan’s first opened in 1999 in West Palm Beach, and now has 11 locations worldwide including Saudi Arabia. On July 15th all Sloan’s will give away a free one scoop ice cream cone between 12pm-1pm.

To get out the word, Sloan’s joined us for CBS12 News at 9am where Suzanne Boyd and I raced to see who could build a deluxe ice cream cone fastest. Suzanne won but she had the unfair advantage of being a soda jerk when she was a teen.

National Ice Cream Month

July is National Ice Cream Month! To celebrate Sloan's Ice Cream visited CBS 12 News at 9AM and Suzanne Boyd and I had a contest to see who could make the fastest delux ice cream cone. On Sunday, July 15th all Sloan's will give away a free scoope of ice cream between 12-1pm! CBS 12 News

Posted by Eric Roby on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Do Not Wait in Line for an Hour

Most people hate to renew their driver’s licence or pay their property taxes. To make it worse, usually there is a double insult. Not only do you have to part with your hard earned money, but you also lose an hour of your life waiting in a long line. The average wait time at the Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s Office is 52 minutes!

Tax Collector Anne Gannon says there are ways to reduce your wait time and she has kicked off the “Take Back Your Hour” campaign. The easiest way to save time is to sign up online for certain appointments. Almost all in-office visits for your driver’s licence can be scheduled online. Those that take the time to make an appointment only have to wait on average 5 minutes! Gannon says you may not even have to go into the office. Many bills can be paid online from the comfort of your home.

If you do have to go to the Tax Collector’s Office, the best bet is to do your homework and make sure you have all of your paperwork. Take care of any problem with your driver’s license before go to the office. The local office will not be able to help you if there is a stop on your license from another state. All of this will not only help speed up your visit, but it will also make sure everyone else behind you in line can be seen faster. If all else fails, Gannon says the quietest time to visit her office is on a Tuesday or a Thursday between 10AM-12PM.

Don't Stand in Line for an Hour at the Tax Collector's Office

The average time you have to stand in line at the Palm Beach County Tax Collector's Office is 52 minutes! That includes everything from paying your property taxes to renewing your driver's lisence. Tax Collector Anne Gannon has kicked off the "Take Back Your Hour" campaign to try and reduce wait times. Gannon says if you can't make an appointment online, the quiestest time to go is on a Tuesday or Thursday between 10AM and 12PM!

Posted by Eric Roby on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

4Ocean Tackles Lake Worth Beach to Save Sea Turtles and Get Rid of Plastic!

What a great way to start my Father’sDay weekend! I volunteered at 4Ocean’s #LakeWorthBeach cleanup to help get rid of all of the plastics in our ocean. Island Bum of #NorthPalmBeach was the sponsor and is another great local company. If you can’t make it to a cleanup you can always purchase a 4Ocean bracelet to help fund their efforts! CBS 12 News

Posted by Eric Roby on Saturday, June 16, 2018

4Ocean has it’s target on one main goal: rid the ocean of life smothering plastic. This international company based out of Boca Raton is rapidly expanding and held it’s first beach cleanup at Lake Worth Beach over the Father’s Day weekend. This is a great cause that is quickly spreading internationally. It was started by two local surfers. When Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulz went to Bali for a surfing trip they realized something needed to be done to rid our oceans of plastic. To raise money you can buy bracelets made from 100% recycled materials. By buying a $20 bracelet you help remove 1 pound of plastic from the ocean.

For the month of June 4Ocean is focusing their efforts on helping sea turtles.  They even have a special green bracelet that is being sold. They also partnered with FAU’s Marine Research Lab. Plastics are exceptionally dangerous to sea turtles since more than half will ingest it during their lifetimes.

A lot of work needs to be done because 16 billion pounds of plastic flows into the ocean every year. So far 4Ocean has been able to remove nearly 820,000 pounds! If you would like to help you can go to 4Ocean’s website by clicking here.

Surprise Father’s Day Greeting

Surprise Father's Day Message

My produce Steph surprised me on the air today by getting my boys to wish me a happy Father;s Day on air. Sunday will be extra speical since it is my oldest son's 11th birthday as well! Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there! #FathersDay

Posted by Eric Roby on Friday, June 15, 2018

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! I was surprised on CBS12 News at 9 this morning by a special message from my boys. This Father’s Day will be extra special because it’s also my oldest son’s 11th birthday. Vejas was born on Father’s Day and this is the first time his birthday has fallen on this special day since his birth! Apparently it took 8 attempts for the boys to get the video done. I hope I get to see the outtakes on this one!

Great Father’s Day Gifts from $5-$5000

Ideas for Father's Day from $5 to $5000

I am taking away all of your excuses for not giving dad a great gift this Father's Day! Jeannie Rubio Roberts from Town Center at Boca Raton visited us during CBS 12 News at 9. Jeannie showed us original gifts from $5-$5000. All of these are great gifts!! So what are you planning on giving dad this year?

Posted by Eric Roby on Thursday, June 14, 2018

I am taking away all of your excuses for not giving dad a great gift this Father’s Day! Jeannie Roberts from Town Center at Boca Raton visited us during CBS 12 News at 9. Jeannie showed us original gifts from $5-$5000. The gifts ranged from simple but luxurious bars of soaps ($5) to a smart looking smartphone designed by Porsche ($1,250).

The Parrot Always Steals the Show

You know the saying: “Never work with animals or children.” At least that was the quote from the old Hollywood actor H.W. Fields. I believe his saying still holds true today because both animals and kids tend to steal the spotlight on TV!

For World Parrot Day, Lion Country Safari brought Julio the parrot to CBS12 News at 9. We talked about parrot conservation and why these birds need to be saved in the wild. One of the biggest threats to these intelligent animals is the pet trade. It turns out these long living birds might not be the best pet after all. To be plain spoken- they are a handful and live to the age of about 40. These birds are basically as intelligent as a 2 year old human and they need just as much attention and mental stimulation! Without it these birds can be difficult.

During the commercial breaks, Julio kept saying his name in a high pitched sound. Somehow he knew when we were on the air and kept quiet. The best part? I got to dance with Julio! Unfortunately he’s a better dancer.  I now totally agree with H.W. Fields!

Scripps Florida says Grab a Beer and Learn


Scripps Florida has just started a great idea  to spread the word about the ground breaking work that they are doing at their Jupiter campus. To expose more people to their medical breakthroughs they have started a “Suds and Science” series.  The first one will be held at the Das Beer Garden on May 23rd 5-7pm. Dr Mark Sundrud will explain how he discovered an already known drug can significantly help people with Crohn’s disease. The event is designed to tell people about the life saving research that’s happening in our own backyard with an interesting yet easily understandable presentation. Having a beer in hand also doesn’t hurt! Scripps Florida currently plans to have this laid back lecture series once a month. The second event is set for June 21.

Suds and Science!

This sounds so cool! Scripps Florida Educational Programs will host it's first "Suds and Science" event tonight at the DAS Beer Garden in Abacoa from 5-7pm. This is a great way to have some fun while learning about the cutting edge research that's being done in our own backyard!

Posted by Eric Roby on Thursday, May 24, 2018