Eric Roby Resume Reel: Eric is an award winning journalist who is as comfortable in the field as he is behind the anchor desk.

The End of the Shuttle Program: Eric Roby is live as Atlantis lands and ends the 30 year old shuttle program.

Up Close to Shuttle Atlantis Immediately after Landing: For the first time NASA allows Eric Roby and a select few other journalists to go up to a shuttle after landing.

  Hunting for Sunken Treasure: Eric Roby meets a South Florida treasure hunter that is close to finding a sunken treasure ship, but he first must deal with modern day pirates.

Extreme Couponing: A local coupon queen shows Eric Roby the tricks of saving big at the grocery store.

Dance Romance: They are dance champions by day and love birds by night. Eric Roby finds out how this dancing couple keeps the sparks flying both on and off the dance floor.


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